Case Study London Barrelhouse

Nov 25, 2019Blogs

London barrelhouse 

A new Fine Wine and Rare Whisky investment company working to launch on the market.
“What a wonderful job Ian and has team have done and will continue to do. Feedback from our clients and people in our industry (Fine Wine & Rare Whisky) have all commented that our website and in particular are socials are way ahead of our competitors. We cannot thank the Team at Projeckt Maverick enough for the professionalism, dedication and excellent workmanship.”



• Built following within 4 months to 742
• Created ad campaign that in the first month generated 50 leads on a spend of under £500 of which several have been considered. 



• The account only had 20 followers when we started, after 6 months we built the following to 1,340.
• Sales converted and new accounts opened by following those individuals with an interest in Fine Wine and Rare Whisky
“Furthermore, they have delivered a fantastic range of lead generation across all platforms, Facebook & Instagram on a low CPL but quality leads.”



• Adapted and amended website during changes and development of the business.



• An SEO campaign that has seen London Barrelhouse located on page 1 of Google when searching for Wine and Whisky Investment.
“We have happily agreed to another year contract and i would thoroughly recommend using their services.”



• Created a mailshot
• Campaigned new services
 • Monthly Newsletter