Frustrated that you just don’t get enough time to spend promoting your business on
social media?

Are you using the platform that is right for your business?

Tend to post erratically, based on when you have time, rather than when you are
going to get the most engagement?

Overwhelmed by the new features that keep appearing on social platforms and
struggle to keep pace with which are worthwhile or not?

Struggling with what to say on posts?

Well, if the answer to any of the above on our cheeky listicle is yes, then this innovative service is the one for you and your business. To find out more on how we operate this service, please get in touch with the team to discuss your requirements, no matter the company size.

Now, to say 2020 has been a somewhat challenging year for businesses throughout the world would have to be the understatement of the century, we think you would all agree! So, what has changed? Businesses have been hit severely in most sectors, restricted in their operations with increased pressure on cash flow and valuable resources. They have also turned to social media in droves as a way to remain connected and of course to keep up to date with the ever-changing landscape of the ‘new world’ or the ‘new normal’ and what it will mean for their businesses.

What’s the backdrop for 2021?

There is a heightened urgency and sudden necessity to market our businesses, as no longer can we rely on new business just appearing at the door as it has in the past.
There is now, more than ever before, a need to maintain close contact with clients, constantly reaffirming our value proposition and educating them in the full range of services available. It’s been a sprint that unfortunately not every business has been able to maintain, let alone finish!

Social Media, from Facebook to LinkedIn, and Twitter to Instagram along with an ever-increasing number of available platforms, has provided a new and exciting opportunity to cost-effectively achieve this connection with existing and potential clients from the relative comfort of make-shift offices spaces.



The challenge for SME’s, however, is firstly the affordability of social media management providers, and (if they decide to handle it themselves) the major knowledge gap and experience to hand to make self-media management an effective option for them. Whether it’s deciding which platform to focus on or how to project a value proposition effectively, the challenges are endless – It’s a virtual minefield.

Every single week there is a new online tool launched or a new feature to keep pace with, you could get very confused and end up doing your business no good at all purely by a lack of expertise.

Enter Projekt Social – We have launched our innovative Projekt Social service to give small business owners the support training and feedback they need to run a successful campaign on social media. Winning Formula! To minimise the amount of time that is spent and maximise the return from Social Media. To install systems and processes that will ensure that after the initial investment has been made, the business owner will have minimum reliance on social media management companies in the future. It’s genius!

Just some of what’s included in the 13-week programme;

  • Interactive group training session every week on zoom
  • Monthly personal coaching call & feedback
  • Exclusive access to a wealth of material, videos and articles
  • Help in setting up and optimizing your business pages
  • Easy to use a template for social posting
  • Tips, tricks and help in getting the most out of your social business pages
    Advanced LinkedIn training session

13 Week Agenda

  • Social Power, taming the beast!
  • Content guidelines, Selling Value
  • Content creation techniques
  • Scheduling
  • Facebook Overview
  • Reviews and Recommendation
  • Marketing
  • Instagram Overview
  • LinkedIn Basics
  • Video content made easy
  • Tips and tricks
  • So many platforms!
  • LinkedIn advanced
  • The new way forward

Book a discovery call now to learn more and see how Projekt Social can help your business harness the power of Social Media.