Engage Your

Engage Your

Frank McLintock Interview

The first of a series of Vlogs completed in the studio for former Arsenal captain (Director H&M Security). A great example of a studio Vlog .

Jack the Clipper

Filmed on location in Bow Lane and edited up in the studio to give the feel of the Jack The Ripper connection. Currently 250,000 views on Jack The Clippers YouTube Channel.

BROOKS JewelLery

This is one we did a while back for a jeweller that creates his own bespoke jewellery! We wanted to get accross the message of the work and craftsmanship that goes in to each of his creations!

Maverick Marketing Guides.

What problem do you solve?

Here the Maverick himself talks about the Projekt Maverick ethos of communicating the problem business’s solve.

Communicating the problems you solve to your clients.

Here the Maverick himself explains how businesses think about what matters to them in projecting their image to the client rather than seeing things from the clients perspective.



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